AND… That’s the end of Issue 3!

Thank you for sticking around while we sort things out. Whilst I missed my hopeful deadline of December 25th to post the rest of the issue, I’ve only missed that by a couple of weeks.

A few things to talk about. Matt and I have discussed this, and we actually received this suggestion from a reader as well, so going forward… we won’t be posting two pages a week. We’ll be posting entire issues as they are completed. So whilst this means that the time between posts will be a lot longer, you’ll have a better final piece because it allows me to put a lot of effort into each page (rather than potentially rushing them out to meet the Tuesday and Thursday deadlines) and it also provides a better reading experience in the end.

So, we’ll see you shortly. I won’t give an estimate on when, but I hope it’ll be soon. In the meantime, be sure to follow Majestic 9 on Facebook, and follow both Matt and Myself on Twitter, we post every now and then both about the comic as well as other things we’re working on.

And again, thank you for reading. I love you all.